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Tobago waterfall
Cocao plant in Tobago
Nylon Pool off Pigeon Point, Tobago

Destination Experiences in Tobago

For the Caribbean Adventurer in You

The Villas at Stonehaven is located a short drive from tennis courts and two 18-hole championship golf courses. Book a boating charter to catch marlin and yellowfin tuna or experience some of the most amazing scuba diving in the world.

Tobago is a naturalist’s dream - an undiscovered paradise overflowing with rainforests, waterfalls and wildlife. From snorkelling and diving to midnight paddle boarding and kayak trips through phosphorescent glowing waters, Tobago offers something for the adventurer in everyone.

Bird Watching

For an island of its size Tobago has the most diverse offering of birds in the world. Combining both species from the Caribbean and South America as well as a few indigenous to Tobago. 

Explore the protected Grafton Caledonia Wildlife sanctuary, neighbouring the resort- home to over 200 species of bird, or take a guided tour through the oldest rainforest in the Western hemisphere and discover an array of exotic wildlife. Tobago is teeming with tropical wildlife that can be seen all over the island.

Turtle Watching

Tobago is among the world’s premier turtle watching destinations. Turtles can be viewed throughout the year in the ocean while snorkelling and diving, but the spectacle of the nesting season is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Tobago is home to three of the major specifies of sea turtles, including the giant leatherback, the green and the hawksbill. These are amongst the most endangered creatures on earth, so to witness the female turtles coming ashore to nest - the only time they do so during their life - is a true privilege and a uniquely moving experience you’re never likely to forget.

One of the primary nesting beaches in the world is Stonehaven Bay – which sits below the property. We can arrange a guide who can help give you the best possible opportunity to see this phenomenon whilst not disturbing or endangering these majestic creatures. 


Tobago is a world-class diving destination. Its proximity to Venezuela’s mighty Orinoco River creates nutrient rich waters and wonderfully diverse marine life. The high nutrient level and strong current combine to produce bizarrely-shaped giant barrel sponges and massive brain coral colonies, including the largest brain coral colony in the western hemisphere. Tobago’s combination of warm southern Caribbean waters and the cool Atlantic tides draws both tropical and pelagic fish to the waters off its shores. Learn more about diving in Tobago at  

Argyle Waterfall

A brief 20-minute hike on a marked trail frequented by native birds and butterflies brings you to Tobago’s highest waterfall, which thunders 175 feet (54 meters) over rock formations into a roiling pool at the base. On each of the falls’ three levels, you will find natural rock pools for swimming, diving and swinging into from nearby vines.

Englishman’s Bay

Tucked between a lush rainforest and the warm, blue Caribbean, this pristine, crescent-shaped stretch of shoreline is both one of the most beautiful beaches on Tobago and, surprisingly, one of its least crowded. In addition to great swimming, snorkeling, and camping, the beach is a nesting ground for leatherback turtles and a popular mooring area for yachts. Chair, umbrella and snorkel equipment rentals are available, and food and local crafts are also sold.

Being with Horses, Bon Accord

Whether you’ve never ridden a horse or have spent your entire life in the saddle, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With the help of a skilled guide, you’ll choose a gentle horse and learn about its personality, character and how to communicate with it before enjoying a guided ride through wetland mangroves, along the beach and through the waters of Buccoo Bay.

Mount Irvine Golf Course

Located on what was once a sugar and coconut plantation, this 18-hole championship course features old growth coconut palms and stunning Caribbean views from every hole. In addition to hosting Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf and the Johnnie Walker International Pro-Am, the course was named the “Best Golf Course in Tobago” in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 by the World Golf Awards.

Tobago Cocoa Estate

Did you know that Tobago is the source of some of the best chocolate in the world? You can learn all about it on a guided tour through the beautiful grounds of the Tobago Cocoa Estate. See how the chocolate is transformed from cocoa plants to their award-winning final product and then enjoy a locally inspired dinner followed by a chocolate and rum tasting session.

Little Tobago

Ride the glass-bottomed boat from Speyside – keeping an eye out for Queen Angel Fish and Parrot Fish – to the island of Little Tobago, where you can explore the largest sea bird colony in the Caribbean, wander through the gorgeous Japanese Gardens, snorkel Angel Reef, take a dip in a cool waterfall and enjoy a hearty lunch at Jemma’s Treehouse Restaurant.

Main Ridge Forest Reserve

This protected preserve features a forested volcanic mountain range rising to almost 600 meters and is the oldest forest reserve in the western hemisphere. It is home to nearly sixteen of the ninety species of Caribbean mammals, twenty-four types of non-poisonous snakes, sixteen types of lizard and two hundred and ten species of birds, including the rare White-tailed Sabrewing Hummingbird. To get the most out of your visit, a tour by a certified guide is recommended.

Nylon Pool

Located offshore between the ocean and beach, this shallow, 3-meter-deep natural pool was created by a sandbar and still lagoon. The bottom consists of soft white sand and the warm waters are so clear that Britain’s Princess Margaret compared them to the transparency of nylon when honeymooning here in 1962. Local legend has it that anyone who swims in the Nylon Pool will be instantly rejuvenated.

Fort King George

Built by the British in the 1770s, this beautifully preserved fort has been restored to its original colonial grandeur. In addition to a row of cannons guarding the coastline, the fort features a museum with Amerindian artefacts, recovered military relics, artillery shells and colonial-era documents. Tour the grounds to explore the prisoner’s bell tank, barracks and officers’ mess. Also, the fort’s lofty perch over Scarborough allow for breathtaking Caribbean views, especially at sunset.